Personalized Professional Services

My job is to help clients create an outdoor space they will love for years to come. To ensure I am providing the highest quality service possible, I am onsite throughout the entire project and personally purchase all plant material. If questions come up, I am there to provide answers.


Services (Landscapes/Gardens)

Healthy and Well Designed Gardens Are Beautiful and Ultimately Self Sustaining:

  • I Provide Consultations for existing or future gardens and landscapes.
  • Site evaluations.
    • (ie. Inventory of plant material, soil composition, sun/shade conditions, prevailing wind direction, drainage, changing elevations and grading, orientation of the building/home, signs of wildlife).
  • Plans:
    • Base Plan - plants, structures that currently exist
    • Concept Plan - outlines the proposed garden design. It serves as a discussion document showing my ideas and allows for any changes if a Master Plan is desired. Photographs and details of proposed material will be provided.
    • Master Plan- includes any changes that have been requested. The plan will show the scale, name, size, quantity, and location of all material.
  • Designs include perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, ground covers.
  • Garden types:
    • Fine gardens, perennial, mixed border, foundation, pollinator-friendly, habitats, food and habitat for wildlife, water, xeriscape (plants tolerant of dry conditions), herb and woodsy. Or all of the above!
  •  Water issues/irrigation:
    • Erosion control, “puddles with a purpose” such as rain gardens, dry rivers, bio-swales, rain barrels, catchments.
  • Ecological restoration or renovation.
  • 4 season interest.
  • 100% organic material.
  • Use of native plants.
  • Personal plant selection to assure highest  quality available.
  • Onsite for the entire project.
  • Fine pruning
Stone-Edged GardenFern

For a Less Involved Approach

AFTER I CONDUCT AN EVALUATION, I CAN PROVIDE PLANT COLLECTION LISTS THAT INCLUDES A LIST OF PLANT SUGGESTIONS FOR SPECIFIC CONDITIONS (i.e. pollinator garden, full sun, part shade, moisture loving, full shade, sandy soil, shrubs, summer loving, spring ephemerals, autumn beauties, and woodland plants). PLANTS ARE CHOSEN BASED ON THE ECOLOGICAL BENEFITS THEY PROVIDE AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS.