Designs for All Tastes

Native plants can be used and displayed in many different ways. My designs range from a space that is a bit formal to a simple spot to relax and read in the shade. Regardless of what you are looking for, the plants I choose will over time provide food and habitat for wildlife (i.e., butterflies and birds) and contribute to the overall health of the landscape.

A relaxed place to read.

A dry river that supplements irrigation to surrounding vegetation.Stone-Edged Garden

The Benefits of Native Plants

Native plants work with the ecosystem that currently exists. They do not take over other plants or look like weeds. Quite the opposite. They are beautiful specimens that are “well behaved” and after proper initial care, are self-sustaining. When the system includes healthy soil, micro-organisms, beneficial insects and a good root system, they’re there to stay. You walk past them every day. My job is to introduce you to these plants that when properly placed and designed, are absolutely beautiful.

Design Work

The design work I do is based on working with nature, not imposing upon it. I use plants that will not only be self-sustaining but ones that also nourish and renew the landscape. Unlike a traditional garden with plants that need to be fertilized and use enormous resources, ecologically friendly gardens work with the ecosystem that exists. Their needs are very basic and not complicated.

The mindset changes from what can this garden or landscape do for me to what it can provide to and gain from its environment. The wonderful ending is it will provide you with much beauty and health for years to come.

I work with ground covers that suppress weeds, organic mulch that feeds the soil, irrigation that only happens when needed, shrubs that provide beautiful leaves, trees with amazing bark and conifers that provide nesting spaces for birds in winter. I create pathways so you can saunter and admire your plants and shady places to relax and enjoy a summer beverage. Beauty, a healthy environment and function are what my designs are all about.

  • Rain Gardens
  • Dry Rivers
  • Formal Gardens
  • Woodland Gardens
  • Deep Shade-Full Sun Gardens
  • Foundation Gardens (Trees and Shrubs)